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14. Baptistry

Eye of God
Turning toward the door to your left you see the eye of God in the small window above the baptistry entrance, expressing divine omniscience. Enter the antechamber to the baptistry. In windows and sculpture it teaches about lifegiving water - Christ's pierced side, the rock struck by Moses, the deer at the waterside, the Samaritan well; scriptural examples of Baptism - the Ethiopian treasurer, Cornelius (helmet), John the Baptist; and other symbols. We learn that the sacrament of Baptism immerses the believer in God's lifegiving grace.

Baptismal font
Within the baptistry, statues on the Botticino marble font recall Moses and saints who led others to spiritual life: John the Baptist, Justin, Anselm, Cyprian, Hilary, Clement of Alexandria, and Peter Damian. The windows show scriptural baptisms: Peter baptizing on the first Pentecost, Philip baptizing the treasurer John baptizing Jesus, Ananias baptizing Paul, and Peter baptizing Cornelius. The mosaic ceiling deviates from the Gothic style.

Baptistry ceiling